Pirates vs Giants 8-8-11


Pitching Matchup

Charlie Morton 8-6 3.30 ERA– Morton put together a great performance against the Cubs trying to end the losing streak but the offense let the Buc’s down.  Hopefully tonight we can get the same performance out of him.  On April 26th he faced the Giants going 6 innings allowing 4 hits and 1 run earning a no-decision in a 3-2 loss.

Ryan Vogelsong 9-1 2.19 ERA– Vogelsong has been a great story all year long and continues to pitch well.  In his lone start against the Buc’s this year he earned his first win allowing 4 hits 2 ER and striking out 8.



  1. McCutchen CF
  2. Jones RF
  3. Walker 2B
  4. Lee 1B
  5. Ludwick LF
  6. Alvarez 3B
  7. Wood SS
  8. McKenry C
  9. Morton P


  1. Torres CF
  2. Keppinger 2B
  3. Sandoval 3B
  4. Huff 1B
  5. Schierholtz RF
  6. Cabrera SS
  7. Rowand LF
  8. Whiteside C
  9. Vogelsong P

Series Preview

Tonight it’s Morton against Vogelsong, Tuesday night it’s J-Mac against Madison Bumgarner and Wednesday afternoon Karstens against Sanchez.  The Pirates avoid facing Cain and Mitch Kramer

I mean Tim Lincecum so thats a plus.  The Giants struggle to score runs as do the Pirates so this could be a tightly contested series if the Pirates pitching gets back to form.  They have to find a way to get back on the winning track before facing the Cardinals and Brewers.  The Giants have been slumping too but not nearly as bad as the Bucs.


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